July Club Meeting

The July club meeting will be online via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87116498879?pwd=ZjNGLzBNSTlJSGtKc1ZYOUZFcHNYZz09). If you have questions about joining the meeting, please email president@k0kkv.org.

Field Day 2020 Review and COVID-19 Impact

As with so many other community events, LARC’s Field Day activities were relocated and restructured due to COVID-19. Local restrictions forced the committee to move the event from Mahoney Park in Lincoln to an alternate location, a daunting task on its own without the additional restrictions.

How could the committee plan a successful event intended to practice emergency preparations, provide public interaction, and offer a social time for club members when the city imposes limitations?

Join Greg Brown, KTØK, and Ed Holloway, KØRPT, as they give a review of Field Day 2020 planning and event operations.