The LARC Board has reduced Full Membership dues to $15/year beginning with 2021. If you have already paid $20 for your 2021 membership please email with your choice of the following options: receive a $5 refund, receive credit towards your 2022 membership, or donate to a LARC activity/fund of your choice.

Welcome to the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club! Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio. Membership is for the calendar year and expires on December 31. All members have full voting rights and privileges. There are three membership levels:

  • Full Membership ($15). Includes the monthly newsletter.
  • Associate Membership ($10). Available only for family members of a full member who share the same residence. Does not include the monthly newsletter.
  • First-time membership ($10). Available to those who have never been members of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club before. Discounted price is good for only the first year of membership. Includes the monthly newsletter.

If you wish to add memberships for family members or others, please return to this page, fill out a new form for each member and add each to your cart prior to checkout. Contact the LARC Treasurer if you have questions:

Thank you for your support of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club!

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