September Club Meeting

Choosing Your First Radio

In-person only: LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St., Lincoln)

How do you choose which radio to buy? There are several options, and many radios look the same. Bryan Leavitt, WØBCL, and Jim Nelson, WØJRN, will talk about what to look for in a radio and help you narrow the field as you search.

The presentation will focus on FM radios for use primarily on the 2-meter and 70-centimeter bands.

Presentation for download 2m-70cm-RadioRecommendations

August Club Meeting

Programming Your Radio with CHIRP

In-person: LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St., Lincoln).
Zoom: (meeting: 937 5139 3405; Passcode: 554816).

So, you have a new radio, but how do you program it? CHIRP is a free, open-source software programming package for ham radios, and it simplifies the process by allowing you to use a single tool to update most radios.

We will cover the basics of using CHIRP, focusing on programming Baofeng radios. Topics will include choosing a cable, common issues under Windows, and the basics of operating CHIRP.

Repeater lists are constantly in flux, but the list I use is available at under “other files.” This is the list I will use during the presentation.

July Club Meeting

Lincoln Electric Systems

Lincoln Electric Systems will be out to do a presentation and demonstration on power safety. Their presentation is always informative and entertaining. I understand some pickles will be part of the demonstration.

Bring your friends and family. Power safety is something all of us need to remember

June Club Meeting

In-person only. Zoom has been discontinued pending that COVID counts remain low in Lancaster County.

Dayton Hamvention: 2022 Overview

Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB, will present on Dayton Hamvention: Reunion 1952 – 2022. After two years of being shut down due to COVID, Hamvention was back, and it was a great success! You won’t want to miss this update!

Dayton Hamvention is sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association and is the largest Amateur Radio gathering in the world.

May Club Meeting

In-person only. Zoom has been discontinued pending that COVID counts remain low in Lancaster County.

HF Basics

Upgrading from the Technician class to the General class may begin and end with a test, but the challenges of becoming a good HF operator are just beginning! Learning new modes, equipment, and operating procedures can seem overwhelming.

Greg Brown, KTØK, will present a basic introduction to setting up your first station, the proper adjustment and use of HF equipment, and operating procedures to make your transition more enjoyable. There will also be a few tips to help long-time HF operators hone their skills.