June Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Emergency/Priority Traffic

Presentation by: Eric Bigham, KØJIA

June’s club presentation will be about emergency and priority traffic. Even in this modern era, such traffic remains essential to amateur radio and its continued success on the airwaves. In this presentation, you will hear about the the dos, the don’ts, best practices, & misconceptions with traffic and may also help work out a few nerves with ARRL Radiograms!

May Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Amateur Radio and Earth-Moon-Earth Communications

Presentation by: Doug Buhrman, KØDSP

Back in the 1970s, it was said that Earth-Moon-Earth, EME, was one of the most significant technical challenges for the radio amateur. It still is to a certain extent, but with advances in computers, software, and semiconductors, it is now a reality most amateurs can achieve if they are willing to do the work! There are a few methods to build a station with a modest budget.

Doug will present some of the basics and the pitfalls to avoid when assembling an EME station. Who knows, you may soon receive a QSL card with the phrase “Thanks for the EME contact!”

April Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Some Secrets to “Safe” Storm Spotting

Presentation by Jeremy Bower.

This talk will focus on the 2023 severe weather season through the use of imagery, videos, and time lapses. We’ll take a look at two notable events that occurred in Nebraska in 2023 on May 12th and June 28th. The attendees will learn about some key mobile apps and websites that will be valuable in preparing for the 2024 severe weather season and beyond.