April Club Meeting

The April club meeting is April 8 at 19:30 via Facebook Live on the LARC Facebook page.

2020 Lancaster County Spotter Training

This year, like last, will be the Lancaster County Spotter Training for Amateur Radio operators. The PowerPoint that we normally show during our presentation will again be used. All ham radio operators, who can participate in SKYWARN nets and callouts should view this presentation. I will include a question in the middle and end of the presentation that will need to be answered after the presentation concludes. Please visit www.neares.net/lcst and supply your name, call sign, quiz answer, and then click on “Register.”

Please see the LOG for additional details.

April Club meeting to be held via Facebook Live

At the direction of the local health authorities, the April 8 club meeting will not be held in-person. However, the presentation by Ed Holloway, KØRPT, Nebraska Section Emergency Coordinator, will be live-streamed on Facebook Live. Ed will present on the 2020 storm watch procedures, so this will be of interest to anyone who wants to be involved with storm watch operations in Lancaster County, this year.

The live stream will begin on April 8 at 7:30 PM and can be found on the club Facebook page at fb.me/LARCLincoln or by searching for Lincoln Amateur Radio Club on Facebook.

We will continue to evaluate the situation before we make a decision about the May meeting. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 402-613-4444 or wj0tx@arrl.net

March Club Meeting

The March club meeting is March 11 at 19:30. We will meet at Northern Lighthouse Church at 6141 N 14th St (note the updated location).

Ken Dewey, WDØBIV

It’s that time of year again, and our very own Ken Dewey, WDØBIV, will be the speaker at our March 11 club meeting. Ken will look at last year’s severe weather in Nebraska, including the devastating Nebraska flooding of March 2019 and the surprise Lincoln tornado of last May. He will also look ahead to this year’s severe weather season.

February Club Meeting

The February club meeting is February 12 at 19:30. We will meet at LI-COR (4647 Superior Street) – located near the intersection of Superior Street and North 48th Street.

EMP — An Overview of the Threat and Amateur Radio Preparedness

Fred Eriksen, KBØLF, will give an overview of how an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can be generated and what effects this might have on electronics that would commonly be in an Amateur Radio station. He will describe how station electronics can be protected and will review emergency procedures that are recommended for such an event.

January Club Meeting

The January club meeting is January 8 at 19:30. We will meet at LI-COR (4647 Superior Street) – located near the intersection of Superior Street and North 48th Street.

Kit-Building Techniques for Success

I will cover some tips and tricks to make your kit-building experience easier, show some of the latest and greatest kits that are on the market, and give kit suggestions for beginning builders.

See you at the meeting!

73 de KØNEB