From KØNEB–Links to Equipment Demonstrated at September Meeting

Thanks to Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB, here are links to the equipment he demonstrated at the September 9 LARC meeting:

Elecraft radios:


Super Antennas:

PAC-12 Antennas:

Alpha Antennas:

     –Bob Mitchell, WBØRJJ

LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wed, Sep 9, 2015, at NOTE>> College View SDA Church, 4801 Prescott, Lincoln, NE (3 blocks N of 48th & Pioneers)

Portable HF

.    HF communications does not have to be difficult with a bunch of bulky equipment. There are various antennas and radios that are well suited for quick HF portable operation. I will be going over a few different radios and antennas to show how easy they are to set up.

     —Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB

LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, August 12, 2015, at LI-COR, 4647 Superior, Lincoln, NE.


Improving Your HF Signal

Antennas, Amplifiers and Decibels

Gregory Brown, KTØK, has been a Ham Radio operator since 1961. Never bitten by the amplifier bug, he’s always operated with 100 watts or less and very modest antennas, yet has managed to work over 300 countries. Devoted to good operating practices and manners, he has often “turned the dial” in the face of rude operating by those trying to contact that “rare one.” Who needs the aggravation?

After 53 years with very modest antennas, this past year saw the appearance of a 72-foot tower and new beam in his backyard. The antenna is an Optibeam OB 16-3, a large, trapless Yagi with interlaced monobanders for 10, 15 and 20 meters (8 elements on 10 meters and 4 on both 15 and 20), a total of 16 elements on a 39-foot boom.

So, is the effort and cost of upgrading your antenna system worth it? How does this system “play” compared to the typical short-boom three element trap tribander? Wouldn’t an amplifier give me more contacts? A-B comparisons between a small Yagi at 50 feet and the new Optibeam at 75 feet demonstrate the differences, and those differences may surprise you—as will the truth about amplifiers and power!  

     —Connie Zehr, NØGMA


LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, July 8, 2015, at LI-COR, 4647 Superior St., Lincoln, NE

What Happened at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention?

     “Hamvention is the world’s largest Amateur Radio convention, and 2015 was my 36th trip there. I’ll talk about what was new and the trends happening in Amateur Radio as shown there; also about the future of the Dayton Hamvention and the venue where it has been held since 1962. I’ll have lots of photos for you to see and give you a glimpse of the new Dallas Ham-Com as well.”

     –73, Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB