New polls addition

On the right inner sidebar there is now a poll widget.  I will change the poll every couple of weeks to give you an opportunity for you to give feedback and to help us plan our future meetings and events.  If you have a suggestion for a poll feel free to email


Welcome our new net manager!

I would like to thank Connie Zehr, NØGMA for stepping up and taking the net manager position. She will be the contact for our ARES nightly nets.

I will be calling the Tuesday night nets starting this week.  If you are interested  in calling the Tuesday night net or be a stand by net controller we are needing help for both.  Just contact Connie!

Thanks and welcome Connie to her new position!

Jeremiah Parker – NØPBJ


The streaming audio is now LIVE via this website. We will be continuing to make adjustments to the stream to help with audio quality.

Just click on the link to the right or the Listen to K0KKV Live page at the top to access the page with the player.  I did experience it didn’t play on a Safari browser, but we have tested on Firefox and chrome.

I would like to give a big thanks to Aaron Rogge and Christian Record Services for the Blind for hosting the equipment, network, and support they have given me on this project.

Enjoy the stream!