August Club Meeting

Nebraska Task Force One (NE-TF1)

In-person: Northern Lighthouse Church (6141 N 14th St, Lincoln).
Zoom: (meeting: 937 5139 3405; Passcode: 554816).

The presenter for August is Mark Doehling, WDØAAH, from Nebraska Task Force One (NE-TF1). Nebraska Task Force One is among 28 urban search and rescue task forces in the national disaster response system under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). NE-TF1 was established in 1993 with Lincoln Fire and Rescue as its sponsoring agency. NE-TF1 has been at the forefront of providing aid in disasters like Hurricane Katrina; the Greensburg, Kansas, tornado; the flood in Boulder, Colorado; and many others.

Mark is also the Butler County Emergency Manager, a firefighter, EMT, and EC. He has been a Ham for about 44 years. See you at the club meeting!