March Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Don’t Be Late For FT8

How does FT8 work, and why it has been a huge success in facilitating contacts with very weak signals on bands we thought were dead!

We will cover how to interface your radio to a computer as well as how the mode works including allowing signal copy as low as -24db below the noise floor of the receiver. FT8 is a game changer for hams to work real DX with modest stations, and now is the time to get set up for this incredibly popular mode.

Is FT8 “real radio”? Come and see! We will also cover FT4 and Fox/Hound mode for working DX.

February Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

SWLing: what’s on the HF bands besides Ham Radio? A look at our radio spectrum, focusing on LF, HF, and maybe a little VHF or UHF. What’s out there to listen
to and why – types of radios and antennas – how to use, where and how to listen. We’ll review MW, (BCB) LF Airport Beacons, a little utility DXing, Vol-Met, WeFax, and the good old Shortwave Stations, from classics like Radio Havana Cuba to WRMI in Okeechobee Florida with everything in between. Be sure to come to the Clubhouse and prepare to expand your horizons.

January Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

DMR Radio by George Blessing, KCØHYI

Come and join us for a casual talk about DMR in Ham Radio! Topics include, but are not limited to: a short history of how DMR came about, the Nebraska TRBO DMR network, radios, talk groups, and hot spots! Please bring your questions.

December Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Annual Board Elections

Half of the positions on the board are open for the candidates you will choose at the December club meeting. You will find their biographies in this document.

Please come and vote for your preferred candidates. A quorum of club members is required for the election to be valid, and we need as many club members as possible to come and vote.

If you are a club member for 2023 and/or 2024, you may vote.

November Club Meeting

LARC Clubhouse (4420 NW 41st St, Lincoln)

Presentation by: Ed Holloway, KØRPT

So, you’re new to ham radio and or you have not keyed your microphone and talked yet. Maybe, you are intimidated or, you’ve not been advised what to do and when. We’ll cover most of what you would want to know at the November club meeting. This presentation will cover many of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to talking on repeaters. It will be great for all the new ham’s and a great refresher for all of us older ham’s. I look forward to see you all on November 8th at the LARC Club House!