August Club Meeting

The August Club meeting is August 8 at 19:30. We will meet at Northern Lighthouse Church, 6131 North 14th Street. Google Map:

Operating HF

Upgrading from Technician class to General class may begin and end with a
test, but the challenges of becoming a good HF operator are just beginning!

Learning new modes, equipment, and operating procedures can seem
overwhelming. Greg Brown, KTØK, will present a basic introduction to
setting up your first station, the proper adjustment and use of HF equipment,
and operating procedures to make your transition more enjoyable. There will
also be a few tips to help long-time HF operators hone their skills.

July Club Meeting

The June Club meeting is June 13 at 19:30. We will meet at Northern Lighthouse Church, 6131 North 14th Street.  Google Map:

Electrical Safety

John Huseman, WDØEZI, a retired master electrician, will present information about electrical safety and the National Electrical Code (NEC). He will concentrate on chapters two and eight of the NEC: electrical grounding and radio and television stations. In addition to the presentation, John will have some “show and tell.”

November Club Meeting

The November club meeting is Nov. 8 at 19:30. We will meet at LI-COR (4647 Superior Street) – located near the intersection of Superior Street and North 48th Street.

FT8 & Digital Modes

Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB, will present on using digital modes for ham radio and specifically the new mode, FT8.

LOG Folding

Each month a group of volunteers gathers for what is knowns as “LOG folding”.   LOG folding involves folding the LOGs, inserting them into envelopes, sealing the envelopes, applying mailing labels, and some good visiting.  The entire process should only take about an hour.

Each month we need about 15 people, but over the last few months, the number of volunteers has been well below that number and it is generally the same people each month.  LOG folding is a lot of fun, but it grows wearisome and takes a lot longer when very few people show up.

If you enjoy receiving the LOG and have some time, please come out and help, visit with your fellow hams, and have a good time.

The LOG folding schedule is on the website, but if you would like an alert sent to you each month, please drop me an email at

Thank you,
Aaron Rogge, LOG Associate Editor