LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at NOTE Salvation Army, 2625 Potter St, Lincoln, NE.

Lancaster County Emergency Management

Jim Davidsaver, Director

 “For the April meeting of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club, I plan to provide an overview of Emergency Management in Lancaster County. I have a presentation that touches on the history of Emergency Management in the USA; mentions the 5 mission areas of Emergency Management; explains FEMA’s 15 Emergency Sup-port Functions (ESFs); explains the activation and operation of our Emergency Op-erations Center (EOC); tells about our current inventory of equipment and re-sources and our new Salamander credentialing system; and predicts what the future holds for Emergency Management, including social media.”
     —provided by LARC VP Connie Zehr, NØGMA