Fox Hunt 3/21

There will be a transmitter fox hunt next Sunday, March 21, starting at 2:00 pm.

Kelly and Harrison Gubser (NØKDG and NØHDG) will be hiding somewhere in Lancaster County.

Participants will be asked to check in on the 146.76(-) repeater. Once check-in is completed, the fox transmissions will begin on 146.52 simplex. Transmissions will last for two minutes followed by three minutes of silence. This pattern will continue until all of those searching have found the fox.

There are no rules here, just some good ol’ fun on the air! As always, use common sense when navigating your path and whatever triangulation methods you have.

Due to COVID, this will be a non-contact event with no food or snacks provided. Participants finding the fox will be logged in by the order in which they found the fox. Any socializing activity at the end of the event will be at the participants’ own risk.

Check the LARC Facebook page for updates as the event approaches.

—Kelly Gubser (NØKDG) and Harrison Gubser (NØHDG)