LOG Folding

LOG folding will be January 3 at 7:00 pm. Come out and help get the January edition out and spend time with your fellow hams.

We will be meeting at the Red Cross building located at 220 Oakcreek Dr. in Lincoln.

LARC Board & LOG Folding – New Location

Board meeting on December 16  and Log folding on January 4, 2016, will be held at Southwood Lutheran Church.  1/2 mile south of 40th & Yankee Hill St.  There is a big Target store and a golf course at 40th & Yankee Hill.  You will see lights on the east side of 40th street about 1/2 mile south.  That is the church.  

For the Dec. 16th Board meeting, drive around the church to the south side (white Rock parking lot) and enter the door on the west end of the south side.  We will go from there to the youth room

On Jan 4, log folding will be in the fellowship hall.  Enter the Front door (on the right side) and go right to & through the coffee shop.