Ed Holloway – KØRPT | President (

Ed Holloway – KØRPT

Licensed in 91, I have been active with repeater building projects with some actual time on HF, VHF and UHF. Being one of the last folks locally, to upgrade to General with CW before regulations were changed, I have enjoyed continuing to learn and work code whenever I can. Though not real active with public service over the years, my participation has been making sure the repeater was functioning flawlessly throughout the events and being ready to make the changes necessary to facilitate the clubs needs. Being goal oriented, it is my intent to rebuild the confidence in the club members in their board. Returning the club to an “Our” from a “My” is the only way to build a long lasting team of folks who enjoy and look forward to being involved in this great organization I like to call our club. I thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all at the club meetings and events in 2017!

Bryan Leavitt – WØBCL  | Vice President (

Marlene McLaughlin – KDØHYM | Treasurer (

Marlene McLaughlin - KDØHYM

Marlene McLaughlin – KDØHYM

Marlene has been married to Rick, KDØDBO, for 22 years and has two children and one infant grandson. She earned a Technician license in May 2009.  She was elected to the LARC Board in 2011 and has very much enjoyed meeting new Hams and performing the duties that come with being on the Board. She was elected again in 2013 and continues to serve as Club Treasurer.  Marlene says, “I like to do Public Service events, but the one event that my husband and I can’t do together is Storm Watching; that’s because I get panic attacks, and he hates my being with him. It would be quite hilarious if you were a fly sitting in the backseat of our Blazer. But I have worked with the Cornhusker State Games, the Lancaster County Fair, and the Market to Market Relay, to name just a few.”

Dale Douglas – KDØWVD | Secretary (

Dale Douglas

Dale Douglas – KDØWVD

Greg Brown – KTØK | Board Member

Mike Lauver – KØLVR | Board Member

Mike Long – KØSHC | Board Member

Mike Arter – W9LG | Board Member

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