Club Directory

At the June 2019 LARC Board of Directors meeting, a proposal for the creation of a club directory was approved. In order to respect members’ privacy concerns, several constraints were placed on this proposal:

  1. Participation in the directory is completely voluntary. You must affirmatively “opt-in” to have any information included in the directory.
  2. You may choose to publish as little or as much personal information as you wish. Information considered for publication will include call sign, name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. You may opt in on each of those categories individually.
  3. Authorized distribution of the directory will be limited to active LARC members.
    In order to be the best possible financial stewards of the club’s resources, it was determined that at least 65 members must opt-in to be included in the directory before it will be published. This notification will be published for 90 days and in three consecutive LOGs before the directory is created.

If you do not wish for any of your information to be included, you do NOT have to do anything, as only those opting in will be included.  Opt-ins must be received by October 1.

You may opt-in using the form below.

The responses to this form are stored in a private Google sheet managed by Aaron, NØADR. It will be deleted after the submission deadline of October 1, 2019.