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September Lincoln LOG Mail Prep 7:00 PM, Monday, August 31, at Christian Record Services, 4444 S 52nd St

It’s almost time to get the September Lincoln LOG ready to mail. We’ll meet at 7:00 PM at Christian Record Services, 4444 S 52nd St (two blocks south of 52nd & Pioneers, park on Linden St and enter the door at the end of the driveway).

We’ll fold about 800 LOGs, stuff about 740 of them into envelopes, seal the envelopes and apply address labels. They will go to the Post Office Tuesday morning and arrive in the mailboxes of every licensed Ham in Lancaster County and Club members everywhere. The rest of the LOGs will go to both RadioShacks, classes, new members, etc.

It’s a great time to visit and to share in a common task. It usually takes an hour or so–longer if you’re not there! Come and  encourage our new editors, Aaron and Jeri Lyn Rogge! We’ll even give you an extra LOG for helping (while supplies last).

.     –Bob Mitchell, WBØRJJ


LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wed, Sep 9, 2015, at NOTE>> College View SDA Church, 4801 Prescott, Lincoln, NE (3 blocks N of 48th & Pioneers)

Portable HF

.    HF communications does not have to be difficult with a bunch of bulky equipment. There are various antennas and radios that are well suited for quick HF portable operation. I will be going over a few different radios and antennas to show how easy they are to set up.

     —Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB

Fox Hunting News

Beacon Hunt

A Beacon Hunt, approximately 1 week long, is in play now.  It is an in-city Fox Hunt that runs 24/7 on 146.475 MHz. (1) Find the signal. (2) Find the transmitter. (3) Send an email message with a photo to kb0txe@gmail.com.  Send a photo of the transmitter with your call sign in the photo. Actually, for this first Beacon Hunt you may not see the actual transmitter, but you could see the antenna or the property area and send that picture. The time stamps on the email messages will identify the winner.


Beacon Hunt, 146.475 MHz:  First Find = 12 points.  Participation = 10 points.

The Fox, Traditional Transmitter Hunt, 146.565 MHz

.     First Find, 60-Minute Hide = 10 points.  Participation = 10 points.

.     Second Hide, 60-plus Minute Hide = 5 points.

The Hunter, Traditional Transmitter Hunt, 146.565 MHz

.     First Find = 12 points.  Participation = 10 points.

.     Second Find = 5 points.  Third Find (if we have one) = 1 point.

The Park Hunt, 146.430 MHz:  First Find = 12 points.  Participation = 10 points.

–Clifford Mackey, KBØTXE, kb0txe@gmail.com


LARC Program for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, August 12, 2015, at LI-COR, 4647 Superior, Lincoln, NE.


Improving Your HF Signal

Antennas, Amplifiers and Decibels

Gregory Brown, KTØK, has been a Ham Radio operator since 1961. Never bitten by the amplifier bug, he’s always operated with 100 watts or less and very modest antennas, yet has managed to work over 300 countries. Devoted to good operating practices and manners, he has often “turned the dial” in the face of rude operating by those trying to contact that “rare one.” Who needs the aggravation?

After 53 years with very modest antennas, this past year saw the appearance of a 72-foot tower and new beam in his backyard. The antenna is an Optibeam OB 16-3, a large, trapless Yagi with interlaced monobanders for 10, 15 and 20 meters (8 elements on 10 meters and 4 on both 15 and 20), a total of 16 elements on a 39-foot boom.

So, is the effort and cost of upgrading your antenna system worth it? How does this system “play” compared to the typical short-boom three element trap tribander? Wouldn’t an amplifier give me more contacts? A-B comparisons between a small Yagi at 50 feet and the new Optibeam at 75 feet demonstrate the differences, and those differences may surprise you—as will the truth about amplifiers and power!  

     —Connie Zehr, NØGMA


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